Career Prospects for a MBA Finance Graduate

In India, a Masters in Business Administration is considered as an attractive career option as after pursuing this degree, the demand of a student in the industry goes up. It is a degree that makes you ready for a managerial role in any chosen field, whether it is banking, medicine, travel, entertainment, export, or any other field. However, with a proliferation of business schools in the last few years churning out MBA’s in a large number, there has been a subsequent saturation in the industry as the supply has been more than the demand. As such there have been cases where an MBA has had to accept job offers that were sub par according to industry standards.

MBAWhat this implies is that there is an urgent need for the students to specialize in a field rather than going in for a general MBA degree, whether its an master degree online or you actually attend classes physically. MBA finance offers great employment opportunities to those opting for it enhancing their capabilities that are recognized by the industry and fits them in positions that are badly needed by corporations in the current financial scenario. With the great financial crisis that has been looming on the business world for the last two years, businesses all over the world require managers who can take quick financial decisions as it is more of a question of survival in the present volatile markets.

Finance forms a major part of the operations of any company and there are great opportunities lying ahead for a person equipped with an MBA finance. Talking of career prospects, there are countless opportunities at executive levels if you have a degree in finance.

Commercial Banking

This is a core sector of the economy and there are openings for MBA finance at various levels. One can enter the industry as a credit analyst where the duties are to evaluate loan applications of consumers and businesses. He can become a loan officer where he is required to sell loans of the lending institution to the public. Such a person is required to have good selling skills and an understanding of different businesses. Most of the top banking professionals start as a loan officer only. Then there is the job as a trust officer where the person is required to deliver trust and advice to customers while selling financial products. The person is required to have knowledge of investment, taxes and estate planning.MBA

Corporate Finance

This generally requires handling the funds of a company, planning mergers, acquisitions as well as planning future investments. There are openings as a treasurer where the person is in charge of supervision of company’s revenues as well as raising funds, asset management and cash management. The skills that are required are strong analytical skills as well as ability to motivate people.

Apart from these there are openings as financial planner, credit manager, investor relations officer, insurance advisor, risk management, money management, real estate planner and investment banking.

In short, there are countless opportunities beckoning for a person if he gets an MBA in finance and the future is also very safe.

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